Waxing is a common practice these days, primarily because both men and women want to get their unwanted body hair removed. Waxing plays a big role in maintaining the hygiene and appearance of your body.

If you’re interested in getting your body hair waxed, you should know about what you can and what you cannot get waxed. You may be familiar with common waxing areas such as the legs, arms, and underarms. But here is a complete description of all the body parts that you can get waxed nowadays.

1. Legs:

Body hair on our legs can be frustrating, especially if you love wearing shorts or skirts. Luckily, waxing them away can give your legs a smoother and more beautiful look. Most people tend to shave their hair, rather than wax it, because it’s the less painful option. However, waxing is a better option as compared to shaving since it thoroughly gets rid of your hair right from their roots. Body hair takes longer to grow back when you wax it, and waxing helps in removing dead and damaged skin cells too.

2. Arms:

Getting your arms waxed is not as common as waxing your legs. This is because most people’s arm hair is light-colored and fine, so many of us don’t opt to get them waxed. On the other hand, if your arm hair is coarse, dark, and thick, you may feel uncomfortable wearing clothes that leave your arms uncovered. Don’t worry though, you can wear whatever you want once you get your arms waxed! You may find that arm waxing is slightly painful and may cause redness. However, the stinginess and redness quickly go away, leaving your arm feeling smoother and softer as compared to after you shave. The results also last long, and continuous waxing reduces the coarseness and growth of your hair.

3. Underarms:

While legs, arms, and other body parts are easy to wax, waxing underarms is just the opposite. A lot of people shave their underarm hair using a razor because it’s less painful than waxing. But the underarm skin needs to be stretched properly in order to remove all the hair, and that’s not possible with a regular shave. That’s why it’s better to get a professional to wax your underarms. Underarm waxing is critical to your hygiene as it prevents the growth of bacteria and odor. Regularly getting your underarm hair removed also makes regrowth sparse and slow.

4. Brazilian Wax:

Brazilian waxing is the removal of hair from your bikini area. Both men and women opt for a Brazilian wax to get rid of their hair ‘down there’. It’s preferable to get a Brazilian wax instead of shaving with a razor, because of many reasons. First, a wax doesn’t leave any ugly grey spots or and there won’t be any risk of you accidentally cutting yourself. Second, the results last long and your skin feel a lot smoother. A Brazilian wax easily gets rid of coarse hair but can be painful, especially if you’ve never gotten one before. It’s advisable to take two ibuprofens before your appointment to help with the pain.

5. Stomach

People who go for a Brazilian wax also remove stomach hair right above the bikini area. Even if you don’t get a Brazilian wax, waxing your stomach is a good option if you want to groom yourself properly. Although stomach hair is usually fine and isn’t that noticeable, waxing them gives your body an appealing look. If you wax your stomach hair multiple times, chances are they won’t grow back. Something that you must be careful about though, is the wax that you use. Stomach skin is very sensitive and can easily react to unsuitable products. It’s appropriate to consult a professional before you apply any wax on your stomach

6. Face:

A face wax includes getting your upper lips, cheeks, and sometimes forehead waxed. You should be careful with applying wax on your face because it can cause irritation and infection, if not done properly. Face wax gets rid of facial hair and gives you a clean look. It is also important not to shave your facial hair as it can leave a bluish tinge to your face and your makeup will not apply properly.

7. Eyebrows:

Eyebrow waxing is pretty common for a lot of reasons. Many people avoid threading because it’s a slow and much more painful process as opposed to waxing. It also makes your eyes water much less, as compared to threading. Waxing your eyebrow also gives you a clean look and helps in permanently shaping the brow. Waxing also doesn’t hurt much during the process and avoids watering your eyes. However, be careful. If you wax with untrained hands, even the slightest difference in angling can ruin your brow shape.

Does Waxing Ripped Skin Affect Different Areas of the Body Differently?

When it comes to healing ripped skin from waxing, different areas of the body may experience varying levels of pain and recovery time. While the skin on some areas might heal faster, others may take longer to recover. It’s essential to practice proper skincare to promote healing in all affected areas.

8. Back:

Your back usually doesn’t get the kind of prime treatment that you give to your other body parts. But, neglecting your back isn’t a good idea. There’s a substantial amount of hair growing on your back and getting them waxed makes a great deal of difference to your appearance. A back wax is usually done by professionals because it’s hard for you to reach every part of your back. The hair on your back aren’t as coarse or thick as other body hair, though. So, their removal is relatively pain free and quick. Back hair removal can also benefit you as it prevents regrowth and thoroughly exfoliates your back.

9. Hand and Toe Knuckles:

This unusual waxing method is quite popular these days. Many people like to go one step further and wax off the slight hair growth on knuckles. This procedure is just an extension of leg and arm hair removal and gives your hands and feet a soft, beautiful feel.