Other Beauty Courses

Nail Technology Course

Our Nail Technology Course is known for being one of the most in-depth training systems available online. Students are provided with information regarding the three most popular nail systems currently being used, namely the Quick Dip, Acrylic and UV Gel systems.

Other aspects covered by this course include, but may not be limited to an introduction to nail technology, nail diseases and disorders, nail anatomy, various shapes of the nail, hygiene and sanitation, setting up your workspace efficiently and learning how to apply the extension tip correctly.

Each course module provides detailed information regarding everything you will need to know about providing the various types of nail systems and treatments to your clients. Additional modules that are taught throughout this course include how to repair artificial nails, polishing and buffing nails to perfection, painting nails, applying temporary tips and removing artificial nails without damaging natural nails.

Eyelash Extensions Course

This seven-module course covers all of the required aspects that will enable students to apply eyelash extensions in the most effective manner possible. Eyelash extensions are currently one of the fastest growing segments in the beauty industry, meaning that salons who aren’t yet providing this service to their clients are likely losing a lot of potential income.

Our Eyelash Extension Course can be taken as a standalone option or in conjunction with one or more of our other course offerings and it is currently one of the most affordable and practical study options available at only $445,00.

Each course module will teach students about the equipment and procures needed to set up a safe, hygienic and practical work space. Students will learn how to work with the eyelash glue, create practice pads, isolate individual lashes and so much more. Information is also provided that will enable eyelash extensions to be removed correctly.

Manicure and Pedicure Course

The Manicure and Pedicure Course has been formulated in such a way that students who enrol and complete it can often start providing these services to clients professionally in as little as one week.

Learning how to perform manicures and pedicures provides aspiring beauticians with an affordable and practical way to enter the beauty industry. Our course covers a range of related subjects such as nail anatomy and structure, nail diseases and disorders, sanitation of your work space and establishing your working area in a practical manner.

Video modules are provided to students that will teach them how to file nails correctly, removal of dead and dry skin, performing foot and hand massages and completing a professional manicure and pedicure for even the most discerning client. Students will also learn how they can repair a natural nail that has cracked and find out more about performing additional treatments such as peels, masks and paraffin wax.

Facials Course

Facial treatments have become one of the most popular offerings in beauty salons over the past few years. Our Facial Course can be taken as a standalone module or along with other course offerings we provide.

When enrolling in this course, students will learn about aspects such as skin structure and appendages, disorders of the skin, skin analysis, performing peels and scrubs, working with steam and performing different types of extractions, applying and removing various types od masks and providing recommendations to clients with regards to establishing and maintaining a practical, effective and affordable daily skincare regimen.

Information is also provided about setting up a safe, practical and hygienic working area and providing clients with a range of neck, facial and décolletage massage techniques. After completing this course, students will be able to provide clients with the best and most effective facial treatments currently available on the market.

Lash Tint and Perm Course

Although several salons overlook the possibility of providing eyelash tinting and perming services, the truth is that students who enrol in this course will have the ability to build a fantastic clientele over time – especially clients who are looking for a permanent solution to their make-up woes.

Our Lash Tint and Perm Course content is provided in video format, enabling students to learn everything they need to know in a convenient step-by-step visual format. Information is provided regarding the products needed to set up a practical and safe working space, how to mix and apply colour to eyebrows and lashes, safe removal of colour, applying and removing of perm rods and removing the solution and perm rods in the least invasive manner possible.

This is another beauty service that requires a minimal start-up cost, meaning that students will be able to establish themselves relatively quickly after obtaining their accreditation.

Relaxation Massage Course

Increasing stress levels in today’s world have resulted in more people than ever looking for ways to unwind and relax in their spare time. Students who enrol in our Relaxation Massage Course will be able to provide a safe and affordable means of relaxation to their clients within a matter of a week or two.

Our Relaxation Massage Course teaches students about the therapeutic benefits of massage and how it can be used as a highly effective stress management tool. Information is provided with regards to how students can take advantage of providing this service to clients and they will also learn how to develop their own practical massage routines over time.

Students who become accredited after enrolling in our Relaxation Massage Course will have the ability to boost their income substantially over time, especially owing to the fact that this segment of the beauty industry looks set to keep growing at an exponential rate for the foreseeable future.