Beauty Courses Online Courses are considered short courses.  Our Certificate of Completion is a valid qualification for anyone wanting to either start a business or work within a salon anywhere within Australia (and many other countries).

Each of our six subjects is considered a course and has its own online exam and Certificate.

Our Full course comprises the six core subjects we offer. Exams will be required for each subject and Certificate issues for each subject. At the completion of all six subjects students will also receive a Beautician Certificate.

At present our courses are not accredited, however as there are no licensing requirements in Australia (and many other countries) our Certificate is all you need. You can undertake more formal qualifications once you get going if you so desire, but there is absolutely no legal requirement to do so.

Many accredited courses will only give you certain subjects. By doing short courses you can choose the subject or subjects you are interested in providing services for and ultimately “style” your business as you wish.

Our courses are also a wonderful way for you to see if this industry is really the way you want to go, especially if you are seeking more formal qualifications, before you part with thousands of dollars.

Apart from Australia, our Certificate is also valid in many other countries around the world, however it is up to our international students to check with their local authorities (such as local Health Department or Department of Education) to see if our Certificate meets their local licensing regulations if any are in force.

If you are in a State in the US or Canada or some parts of the UK or any area where licensing is in force our courses alone will not meet the requirements for licensing, however they are still an excellent way for you to test if this is an industry you would like to be involved in before spending thousands of dollars on more formal qualifications.

Many students purchase our courses as a learning tool and for future reference in conjunction with traditional college education.