Getting Ready to Bare it All

So you’ve decided to get waxed for the first time? Way to go, my friend! Ditching the razor is a total gamechanger. Before you strip down though, there are some key things you need to know about prepping your skin and what to expect post-wax. We’ll cover all that in this comprehensive guide so you can be 100% ready to bare it all.

Waxing removes hair from the root so you get weeks of smooth, stubble-free skin. No more nicking yourself shaving every day! It does take some planning though to make sure you set yourself up for success. Stop shaving or plucking the area about 2-3 weeks in advance. I know, I know, that seems like forever when you just want to be hair-free already. But it allows the hair to grow out enough that the wax can really grip it.

Aim for about 1/2 cm or the length of a grain of rice. Try timing it up so you’re at peak growth right before your appointment. You’ll be glad you waited it out when you see those amazing results! During that interim hairy period, exfoliate gently with a scrub the day before to slough off dead skin. Just don’t go overboard right before your wax or you’ll risk irritation.

Gearing Up for Your Wax

When our monthly visitor comes to town, our pain tolerance tends to dip. Schedule your wax between cycles when your skin is less sensitive to avoid unnecessary ouch. Pop an ibuprofen an hour ahead too to dull any discomfort, especially if it’s your first time getting waxed down there. Any fabric that’s tight or rubs a lot is going to be uncomfortable over freshly waxed skin. Do yourself a favor and wear something super loose and soft.

Let that skin breathe! Stick to breathable natural fibers like cotton and silk rather than synthetics. Tight yoga pants might show off your assets but they won’t feel so great post-wax. Fair warning, you might leak a little wax onto your clothes so maybe avoid anything designer or dry-clean only. Oops!

When you check in, a staff member will walk you through what to expect. You’ll likely need to partially undress, so wearing layers makes that less awkward. Then your wax specialist will cleanse the area and apply pre-wax oil so the wax grips properly. Next comes the main event! They’ll smooth the wax on in the direction of hair growth and then remove it swiftly against the grain. Don’t tense up, breathe through it! They’ll finish up by soothing the skin with cooling post-wax products.

Continuing the Self-Care at Home

Once you’re all waxed, avoid anything that heats up your skin like steam rooms, saunas, and sunbeds for at least 48 hours. That means no hot yoga either! Your pores need time to close up. Lukewarm showers only until any residual soreness fades. I like using aloe vera gel to calm the skin. Or try a moisturizer with tea tree oil to prevent bacteria from getting in there and causing trouble.

After a few days when your skin has adjusted, exfoliate very gently with a soft brush or cloth to prevent ingrown hairs. Just don’t scrub aggressively! Follow up with a nourishing lotion containing ceramides to hydrate while minimizing hair regrowth. I swear by the Cream for Ingrown Hairs from European Wax Center. It smells absolutely divine too.

Regular waxing makes the whole process easier over time since it thins out hair growth. Most ladies need touch-ups every 4-6 weeks. Every body is different though! Find what works for you. Stay committed to a routine if you can. Having that standing appointment in your calendar eliminates so much hassle. You’ve already put in the hard work prepping your skin the first time. Now you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your consistently smooth limbs!

Mens’ Waxing on the Rise

Guys, don’t think you’re off the hook here! Waxing isn’t just for the ladies anymore. Almost half of men admit to removing underarm hair and 30% tackle their chest hair. We have those Love Island hunks to thank for the hot new trend of men going bare. There’s no shame in wanting to show off your hard work at the gym! Why hide all that tone under a forest of hair?

Wax those problem zones on your back and shoulders too if you can’t reach to shave properly. Take it from me, your partner will appreciate not getting stabbed by stray hairs in intimate moments. Pro tip though – pop a pain reliever beforehand because waxing sensitive male skin can be…well, you know. Just power through for long-lasting results. Don’t forget to exfoliate a few days later!

Book Your Next Wax ASAP

Now that you know how to get wax ready, why wait? Ditch the razor burn and stubble struggle for good. Find your nearest waxing studio and get on their books. You’ll wonder why you didn’t start waxing sooner! Stay consistent with your appointments for best results. Consider it a little self-care treat every month. Your confidence will shine through with touchably soft skin. Refresh this guide before your next wax if you need a little refresher. Here’s to keeping things smooth!