How It Works


Beauty Courses Online are short courses by distant learning. The courses are presented by way of streamed video together with in depth Training Manuals and bonus e books. You also receive have unlimited online help 7 days a week.


You will need to choose the subject or subjects you would like to study.

To enroll, purchase the course or courses you are interested in. All prices are in Australian Dollars and can be found in the Courses Tab at the top of the home page.

IMMEDIATELY upon confirmation of your payment you will be sent two emails, one to let you know we have received your payment, and a second which will give you the link, log in details and instructions  to our student resource site where you can immediately start your course. From this site you will download your training manuals and all other course resources and ALL video content is streaming so you can start instantly.

You will need to have models (family and friends) lined up to perform the practical work on.

You will download our list of Minimum Practical Requirements together with a Log Sheet so that  you can keep track of the practical work you do, and how long it takes you to perform each service so that you can track your progress.

You are free to ask any questions at all whether it be in relation to the subject you are studying, setting up your business, purchasing your products etc. Anything at all.

Once you have studied and learnt the theory and reached minimum practical requirements, you will let us know you are ready for your exam. We will ask a small set of questions to establish that you are ready for your exam, and also ask for your log sheets and any photographic evidence required at this time.

When we receive satisfactory answers back from you we will email the exam through. These are theory exams only, they are online, open book and there is no time limit. If for any reason you do not pass the exam, you are free to sit it again at no extra cost until you are successful.

There are also unmonitored mini quizzes you can take after each module to check your progress.

Once your final exam has been passed successfully, your Certificate of Completion will then be posted out to you.

As mentioned elsewhere in the website, each course is done entirely at YOUR OWN pace, we place no time restraints on you at all. You may complete any subject in 2-3 weeks or even less if you are very motivated and have everything ready to go including models, or it may take 6 months or more. Every student is different. We will try and motivate you to keep going, but we will at no time ever put pressure on you.