Considering a bikini wax? The Brazilian is all the rage now. The Brazilian was first introduced in New York in 1987 by the J. Sisters salon. The salon was founded by seven sisters from (you guessed it) Brazil. The hit show Sex and the City helped to further the Brazilian bikini wax when Carrie went for hers. Suddenly women wanted not just a bikini wax, but a Brazilian! There are many variations of the Brazilian, but essentially all the hair is removed from the pubic area. Yes, ladies (and gentlemen), this means front to back and EVERYTHING in between.

The hair is trimmed to a length of about ¼ to ½ inch before waxing begins. A pre-epilating gel or spray is applied to cleanse the area and prepare it for the service. If strip wax is used, powder will be applied to help minimize the stickiness of the wax, since it adheres to skin as well as hair. If a hard wax is used, the therapist or aesthetician will apply light oil to the skin.

Hard wax is the preferred method for bikini waxing as it does not stick to the skin, only the hair. Hard wax does take a bit longer, however because it has to set up before being removed. Many therapist (and clients alike) feels that hard wax is able to grab the shorter hairs that strip wax will miss. This is because as the hard wax sets, it actually shrinks around the hairs. This allows for quick and easy removal when the wax is lifted and pulled away. The therapist will lift and yank very quickly. This helps to minimize the pain or discomfort to the area.

Some of the choices with a Brazilian are:

  • A Landing Strip (small, vertical, rectangular section just above and up to the natural hairline)
  • A Moustache (small, thick, horizontal section just above) (this is also sometimes called Chaplin’s Moustache)
  • A Heart, Arrow or other shape- the heart is very popular as a Valentine’s Day surprise for your partner. Some even choose to have it dyed pink.

Unless you choose one of these, all hair will be removed. This is sometimes called the Sphinx or the Hollywood. As with any waxing service, there is pain involved. This is the most sensitive area on your body, after all, but it is over very quickly and the resulting smoothness and lack of hair for weeks make it all worthwhile.