So you’re thinking about waxing your armpits for the first time? Bravo to you! Waxing can seem scary, but with some preparation and know-how, you’ll be hair-free and smooth in no time. Waxing gives much longer lasting results compared to shaving – we’re talking weeks instead of days here. Sure there may be a bit of pain involved, but trust me it’s worth it not to see that five o’clock stubble making a comeback in just 12 hours. This guide will walk you through **armpit waxing techniques and tips for beginners** to get the best possible results from your first waxing session in the comfort of your own home. I’ll share pro tips on growing out your hair properly, applying the perfect wax temperature, holding your skin taut, troubleshooting issues, aftercare, and more. Consider me your waxing fairy godmother. Let’s dive in!

Can I Use an At-Home Wax Kit for Armpit Waxing?

Yes, you can use a home wax kit for armpit waxing. The convenience of a home wax kit makes it a popular choice for personal spa treatments. With the right technique, you can achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home.

Why Choose Waxing Over Shaving?

You’ve probably shaved your underarms for what seems like half of your life. And if you’re anything like me, those little prickly hairs return within days, just when you think you’ve finally reached really smooth skin. So annoying right?! Well armpit waxing gives you **longer lasting smoothness** for 3-4 weeks rather than a few days with shaving. Plus, there’s no stubbly **regrowth** to deal with. Hallelujah! Waxing actually also provides gentle **exfoliation** each time you remove the strips, getting rid of dead skin cells and bringing fresh new skin to the surface. While shaving just snips the hair off at skin level, waxing pulls the entire strand of hair out from the root. This means you have to let it grow out a bit first before waxing for the best results. More on proper grow-out time coming up!

Preparing for Your First Time

You’ll need to put some groundwork in before your very first waxing session. After all, you want the best possible outcome! Follow these preparation tips when you’re just starting out on your waxing journey.

Let That Hair Grow, Girl!

Wax works by adhering to the hair and uprooting the entire strand. If hair length is too short or sparse, the wax won’t have anything to grab onto. **Grow out your armpit hair for 3-4 weeks** from your last shave, trim, or previous waxing session. This will give you just the right amount of hair length for waxing success.

Know When to Trim

If you’ve gone au naturel under those pits for months on end, your hair may be longer than ideal for waxing. Anything past 1⁄4 inch is going to be tougher to remove properly and likely more painful too. Inspect your armpits and use a small trimmer or scissors to snip any strands longer than 1⁄4 inch, leaving most hairs at just the right **waxing hair length**.

Patch Test First for Sensitive Skin

Some skins are more sensitive than others when it comes to hot wax. Before you slather it all over your delicate underarms, do a patch test. Simply apply a small amount of wax to your inner arm or wrist and place a strip over it. Then pull it off in one swift motion, checking for any reaction over the next 24 hours. If your skin looks red, angry or irritated, waxing may be too harsh for you. But if your patch test area stays calm and collected, you’ve got the green light for smooth waxing ahead!

Exfoliate Before You Wax

A few days before your wax session, start scrubbing! **Exfoliating** your armpits will slough off dead cells and prep your skin for the best possible waxing results. It also helps prevent ingrown hairs by clearing the area of anything that could clog your pores after those hairs get ripped out. Use a gentle scrub made for sensitive areas of the body 1-2 times per week. Just don’t exfoliate right before your wax since it can make your skin extra sensitive!

The Wax Test

Wax that’s too hot can lead to burns or irritation. Before applying your armpit wax, check that it’s not scalding. Place a small dot of wax on your wrist and allow it to cool and harden completely. If it feels super hot and uncomfortable on your wrist, it’ll feel even worse on your delicate underarms! Test wax temperature** this way every time to save your skin.

Waxing Those Pits Step-By-Step

You’ve let your pit hair grow out, trimmed any crazy long strands, tested for sensitivity, exfoliated your skin, and checked wax temperature. Now comes the fun part – let’s get to waxing!

First, Freshen Up

Make sure your armpits are completely clean and dry before using any wax or strips to avoid clogging the wax with deodorant, oils, or perspiration. After thoroughly cleaning the area with soap and water, pat dry with a fresh towel. Refrain from using deodorant or moisturiser beforehand.

Wax On, Wax Off

If you’re new to waxing, using wax strips is easiest since the wax is pre-applied. If you opt for hard or soft wax instead, make sure to apply in a thick, even layer following the direction of hair growth. Spread some on with a popsicle stick going away from your body. Then press a strip down firmly and smooth it out to make full contact with the wax and hair underneath. Hold skin **taut** by lifting arm up and placing hand behind head. Then pull strip or wax off in the opposite direction of growth, towards your body, in one swift motion. Keep strip close to skin as you rip for best results. It may sound scary but it will be over in a second! Breathe through it and maybe grab a stress ball to squeeze. Divide and Conquer Sections Your armpit hair likely grows in different directions – downwards toward the body on bottom half and upwards on top half. You’ll need to **wax in sections** rather than trying to remove all hair in one go. Apply wax first to either top or bottom half, following hair growth patterns. Then press, smooth, and rip strip off against growth. Repeat on the other half of same pit. Don’t try waxing same spot over and over! Just tweeze out any leftover hairs later. Red and irritated skin is no fun. Caring For Those Pits Post-Wax A few simple aftercare steps will keep your freshly waxed pits smooth, irritation-free, and stubble-less for weeks. Breathable Fabrics Please! Tight clothing can cause friction and irritation on delicate post-wax skin. Opt for loose, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen for 48 hours after ripping those hairs out. Soothe and Hydrate Apply a gentle, hydrating lotion to your silky smooth armpits a few times a day post-waxing to calm and comfort the area. Look for soothing ingredients like aloe, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. Avoid any heavily scented body products or deodorants for 24 hours since these can further provoke sensitive areas. Give those freshly empty follicles time to heal up before applying anything that could clog or aggravate them. Keep Up the Scrubbing Remember how exfoliating pre-wax helped prevent ingrown hairs? Keep that up 1-2 times a week post-wax as well for glowing, bump-free pits! Pair your scrub with a super hydrating moisturizer to avoid dryness. Let Those Pits Breathe After all the work you put into achieving gorgeously groomed pits, you want them to stay that way! Avoid activities that provoke friction and sweat like exercise, saunas or swimming for at least 48 hours post wax. And be sure to stay out of the sun and avoid any heat tools! Burnt or damaged skin will not feel so sexy against your nice fabric blouses. Give those pores time to fully settle down before irritation sets in.

Troubleshooting Tricky Situations

Sometimes even when we follow all the rules, waxing doesn’t go as planned. Here’s how to handle three common predicaments.

Uh Oh, Irritation!

If your delicate pits have red, angry bumps or rashes post-wax, don’t panic! Clean the area gently and apply a hydrocortisone cream. Stay out of the sun, avoid tight fabrics and definitely do not wax over irritated skin – it will only get angrier!

 Ingrown Hairs, Begone!

To banish ingrown hairs, keep up regular exfoliation to keep dead skin from clogging pores. If you spot one, resist the urge to pick! Apply a warm compress for 10 minutes twice a day to gently coax it out instead.

Uneven Results

If you end up with patches of hair that didn’t get successfully ripped out, grab some tweezers for clean up duty. Just don’t over-pluck or wax the same spot repeatedly. Patience young grasshopper! Let skin heal fully before your next wax to avoid causing trauma.

Got Waxing Q’s? We’ve Got A’s!

How Often Should You Wax?

Leg and arm hair will need waxing every 3-4 weeks as it grows back fast. Bikini area touch ups are needed every 4-6 weeks for best results. Underarm hair grows slower than other areas, so you can typically go 4-6 weeks between armpit wax appointments.

Can You Wax Over The Same Spot Right Away?

Waxing over the exact same area repeatedly can severely irritate skin. It’s best to tweeze any hairs that got left behind and wait for complete healing before attempting to re-wax trouble spots.

Avoid Waxing During Your Period?

Your pain tolerance tends to be lower during your period, making waxing more uncomfortable than usual. Plus tampons and pad adhesion inside your bikini area can get messy! If waxing timing falls during that time of month, consider rescheduling.

Okay to Shave Between Waxes?

You just waxed, but already feel some subtle prickly regrowth coming in. What to do?! Do not shave directly over freshly waxed skin – this can create ingrown hairs and bumps once the hair starts coming back fuller. Instead, use tweezers to pluck out any rogue strands between waxing sessions.

Waxing Gives You Your Best Life

Hopefully now you feel fully prepped and pumped up for **waxing your armpits** for the very first time! With the right techniques like prepping sensitive skin, letting that pit hair grow out sufficiently first, properly applying wax, owning your pain like a warrior goddess, and caring for skin afterwards, you’ll be looking at smooth, stubble-free underarms for weeks. Once you get accustomed to the sensation and build up tolerance, waxing gets easier over time. Take the leap and free yourself from daily shaving already! Silky, sexy pits await. You’ve so got this!