Basically, any area on the body can be waxed- from your eyebrows to your toes. There are some special considerations and techniques used for different areas, though.

TOES- you would be amazed at how many people (especially women) wax this area. Preferred method: either hard or strip wax can be used here.

LEGS- there’s the half leg, which is up to the knee and the whole leg, which is, well, the whole leg. Some salons include the standard bikini wax with the whole leg. Preferred method: strip wax, because it is such a large area.

BIKINI AREA- this is defined as the area that would not be covered by a bikini. As stated before, the standard bikini wax is often included with the whole leg wax. Preferred method: either wax will work, but hard wax is often preferred the closer in (or further from the leg) one wishes to have done.

GENITALS- yes, there are many individuals- both men and women- who are having their entire genital area waxed. This often comprises being waxed clean from front to back. Some choose to leave a strip directly above (often called a landing strip). For males, this includes the entire scrotum. Preferred method: hard wax, due to it not sticking to the skin.

STOMACH/CHEST-many men are now choosing to have their entire bodies waxed. This can be a very large area, and very time consuming. Preferred method: strip wax.

SHOULDERS/BACK- again, mostly a male area for waxing. Preferred method: strip wax because of the vast expanse to be waxed.

ARMS- almost the same as for the leg. There is the half arm and the whole arm. Preferred method: strip wax works very well to remove the hair from this area.

UNDERARMS- this is a relatively small area to be waxed and the hair tends to grow in many different directions. This would require repeated attempts in the same area. Preferred method: hot wax, once again because it doesn’t stick to the skin and won’t cause undue irritation.

CHIN/UPPER NECK AREA- mostly women seek out a wax service for these areas. Those baby fine hairs (often called peach fuzz) can make a women feel uncomfortable and even less feminine. As long as there are no breakouts, this is a great place to wax. Preferred method: either method works well in this area.

LIP- whether it’s a little peach fuzz, or the darker, coarser feminine mustache, a lot of women get this area waxed. Preferred method: either method will work well here, however quite a few women prefer the ease and quickness of strip waxing.

EYEBROWS- this is very delicate skin, and probably the most popular area for waxing. Many salons use strip waxing here, but be warned, it can take off a layer of skin very easily if your wax professional isn’t careful. Preferred method: hard wax works best here because it only sticks to the hair, not the skin.

No matter what you area having waxed, remember to arrive prepared. There are some simple things you can do to help make the experience less painful. Avoid hot baths the day before and do not apply lotions or creams to your body. Take an ibuprofen about an hour before your appointment and do try to limit your caffeine or alcohol intake prior to your appointment. Your salon or esthetician will be able to advise you so ask them when you make your appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to talk with your esthetician.