A body waxing technician is someone who performs hair removal on various parts of clients’ bodies by using wax and wax strips or hot wax. You need appropriate training and skills before you’ll be allowed to perform any waxing procedures on clients as there is a lot to know in doing it right. .

Body waxing technicians also have to ensure that they use the correct equipment for each procedure, while also keeping everything sanitary between uses to ensure that none of their clients experience any form of cross-infection.

An skilled body waxing technician will also know which form of waxing will be most suited to each part of the body. For instance, using wax strips on the arms and legs, while applying hot wax around the eyebrows.

Once a waxing technician has performed a procedure, they will often provide their clients with other complementary services. For example, if leg waxing has been performed, the client will often be treated to a complementary leg massage afterwards while the cooling lotion is being applied to the skin.

A body waxing technician can perform the following procedures:

  • Leg, foot and toe waxing
  • Bikini waxing
  • Underarm waxing
  • Standard arm waxing
  • Lip and eyebrow waxing
  • Female Brazilian waxing
  • Back, chest, stomach and shoulder waxing (men)

Before a body waxing technician performs any of these procedures, they will explain to customers that there may sometimes be a possibility of experiencing various side-effects afterwards, including:

  • Temporary redness, itching or skin bumps
  • Skin burning, minor bleeding and in very rare cases, infection in areas that have been waxed

In most cases, a body waxing technician can obtain their required skills within as little as a few weeks to a few months at the most, especially if they enrol in online study courses. However, they will need to possess a good amount of dedication and commitment to ensure that they learn everything they need to know.

Studying to become a professional body waxing technician can be as simple as clicking on the ‘Register’ button on our ‘face and Body Waxing’ website page. We’ll take you through the quick and easy steps needed to register and you’ll be able to start studying as soon as you’re ready.

Once you’ve become a professional body waxing technician, the sky is the limit with regards to where your skills can be used. You can obtain employment in an established salon, become self-employed or even work on a cruise ship. The choice will be yours to make.