More and more men are having their bodies waxed- and not just their backs, arms, legs or chest. Male Brazilian waxing is becoming more popular among males of all ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientation. Many athletes (cyclists, swimmers, etc.) have their body hair removed to enhance their performance and cut down on sweat. Body builders, dancers and models do it because it shows off their body to better advantage. Some men just enjoy the feeling of being cleaner, cooler, sexier, and more confident.

There are two types of wax used, each for different parts of the body. Strip wax is generally used on larger areas like the legs, arms, stomach and back. The wax is applied to a section of the area and then a paper or non-woven cloth is laid over it. The strip is then quickly removed in the direction opposite of hair growth. Voila! Hair comes off with the strip. Another type of wax is hard wax. This is preferred for the more sensitive areas of the body, such as underarms and genitals. Hard wax, contrary to its name, is a soft wax. It is applied in a thick layer and requires no strip. As the wax cools it grabs the hairs. Once set, the therapist will flick up the end and quickly pull to remove it from the skin.

If you are having your genitals waxed, the therapist will move your leg(s) into a position that will tighten the skin. Your assistance will be necessary in holding the skin of your scrotum taught and your penis away from the area being waxed. If you are worried about getting an erection, that is a perfectly normal bodily response and nothing to fret over- it can actually help as it causes the skin to tighten which makes the waxing easier and less painful.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to remove your body hair, waxing is definitely the way to go.