By learning the art of face and body waxing you have opened the door to a very lucrative business opportunity. Waxing is still the most preferred and common form of temporary hair removal. It is easy to learn and extremely profitable. For years in my salon, waxing has been up there as one of the highest revenue earners when comparing the many procedures that we do. Further, waxing is not expensive to set up and when you have perfected your technique, you can easily earn a decent second income or create a whole new career for yourself with this beauty skill alone.


Have you ever noticed that some people learn a lot faster than others? I see it every time I teach or hold a class on any subject. I will admit I was one of the slower learners and I am not sure why. I would like to think this was because I wanted to make sure that I got it right. I have found personally, I learn much faster and understand more if there are two particular elements to the teaching.

The first one is, I need to see it demonstrated to me and it usually takes more than once. To have the benefit of watching it being done a few times and at the end be able to see the result, is I believe, the best way to learn.

The second thing is to actually do the procedure yourself. I have found that If I can get some actual hands on experience early on in the course, I learn twice as fast and learn more thoroughly. Now, we all know that is the scary part and some of us shy away from stepping forward, particularly in a class situation, however you are going to eventually have to do it so why not as sooner rather than later.

You can read an instruction manual on almost any subject you chose to learn but there is no substitute for hands on experience. It has always been said, learn something and then practice, practice, practice.

What if I was to tell you that there is now a way to both watch the procedure over and over again until you understand what is being done, AND to practice without a class full of people watching?? You will still have to do the procedure, but you won’t have the added pressure of all of the eyes.

Before I go into how, I want to go back five years to when one of my apprentices had returned from her waxing class and complained that she was extremely sore after the instructor used her for a waxing demonstration. When I had a look at the area which had been waxed I was horrified at the bruising to this poor girl’s legs. It turned out in this case that the instructor was actually a qualified hair dresser and was teaching waxing at this school on a part time basis. She used the wrong waxing procedure for that particular area of the body and the result was heavy bruising. Now I am not saying that is the norm, infact, I hope, far from it. My apprentice also complained that when a procedure was demonstrated it was done only once and then the students were told to practice on each other. This happens more often because of a lack of qualified teachers and or the salary is too low to keep properly qualified staff.

It was then, five years ago that I decided that there was a very real need for an inexpensive training course which was able to be viewed time and time again until you understood what was being taught and a training manual to supplement the training. Also, as I think you must be able to ask question, there would have to be a facility in which student could ask questions as much time as it was necessary to learn properly.

It took me two years to record on film the six separate subjects of beauty therapy. I chose to record what I thought were the main procedures that one should know if you were seriously contemplating entering the beauty industry and they are waxing, nail technology, massage, manicure/pedicure, facials and lash tinting and lash and brow perming. I formed a company and called it Beauty Courses Online and it has been a great success. The company only concentrates on the beauty courses. We don’t have anything else. This means that you can now learn by correspondence with step by step training, on a set of DVDs which you can watch on your Television or computer as many times as you like. You also are assisted with an in-depth training manual and you have access to a frequently Asked Questions facility. If that is not enough, you also have, exclusive to the course members, email access to me if you have a problem that you can’t solve. Usually there will be a very simple solution which, at first glance, was not obvious. I haven’t had any one with a problem that couldn’t be solved with one question. Hours of video, training manuals, and email assistance 7 days a week, and at a price you can afford. Unlike traditional cosmetology school, beauty courses online doesnt require months of class training and practicum work. Beauty Courses Online will give you the education you need to become a working professional in weeks. There is also no age restrictions or prerequisites for beauty training .You have the ability to get the job skills you always needed to become an independent professional.

Stay at home mums: We know that you often don’t have a set schedule. Study while the baby naps. Pause lessons throughout the day. Beauty training such as this will help you get job training while still remaining at home for your family. After you learn waxing, you have the option of learning other procedures like: massage, facials, manicures, pedicures, and artificial nails. In addition, you will receive training with therapy instrument care, sanitation, anatomy. As a beautician, you make your own hours. Manage your clients and keep your schedule as you please.

Market your business to bring in more work or keep a short list of clients. Almost half of cosmetologists and barbers are self-employed. You can work in a salon or from home. You decide. There are an endless number of opportunities when you decide to study beauty courses online. See the full details here…

Good luck with your new career.

Karen Harrington